St John's C. of E. Primary School

Simpkin Street, Abram, Wigan, WN2 5QE

01942 703465

Quest School Dinners

School Grid/ Dinners)

 Dolce have been providing high quality healthy school meals since 1999.

Our main approach to producing the meals is to cook from fresh using raw ingredients.  We like to make lunch times fun and enjoyable for children.  We are always encouraging them to try new dishes and expand their taste for different food groups, textures and nutritional value

As a company we provide Live Kitchen,  an award winning management system, enabling pupils to order their own lunch or choose at home with parents.  The system will enable parents to view what the child has eaten and the chance to

pay by direct debit.


The children no longer pre-order using a paper based system. To save  teacher time and get the children more involved, pupils now select their chosen meal on a whiteboard touchscreen. Vegetarian options are clearly displayed on a green button.


The children now select their name on-screen at the hotplate or are compiled on a printed list. Their meal choice is displayed to the cook, as well as their dietary needs. If a mismatch is detected the cook will advise of an alternative.

If your child wishes to have a school lunch our catering team offer delicious healthy meals at a small cost of £2.15 per day, further information can be found on the live kitchen page. Children may bring pack lunches in a clearly labelled container.