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Celebrating Mrs Bramhall

Mrs Julie Bramhall, our beloved teacher and Assistant Principal, passed away on Friday 5th February. Mrs Bramhall has worked at our school for over 15 years and been part of Abram community for so many, many more. Mrs Bramhall is an amazing teacher with an infectious love of reading and she has made such a difference to so many children, families and colleagues lives. From her legendary Low Bank Ground residential, music obsession, passion for learning and children’s special library, to her listening ear and caring soul, our school and Abram community grieves this immense loss. If you would like to send a message that will be placed in the school memory book, please comment below.


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Carrie-Ann Mahoney(less than a year ago)

Hello St John’s, I never knew Mrs bramhall but I’m sure she was an amazing colleague and friend to all the staff I’m also sure that she taught well to all the children and helped lead the school amazingly This is talking to Mrs bramhall even though she is gone, hello Mrs bramhall, I never knew you but the song dedicated to you is beautiful and I hope you are doing well in heaven. Yours truly, Carrie ann Mahoney

Paige Massey(less than a year ago)

It is so sad how she’s died. I miss it so much I don’t remember her I was probably for a little when she died.

One ella(less than a year ago)

Mrs Bramhall was simply the best, I wouldn’t be me if wasn’t 4 her. I loved her even tho I left in year4 and she died while Covid I miss her even now I think 2 years now I have been here I’m in year6 Nobody could forget her Tho I can’t see her I miss her so I wrote a mini poem 4 her. This is it. Oh Mrs bramhall How far u made me go, Tho u r ded U truly r the best We could never forget u, U will be missed miss bramhall ❤️❤️ From Ella Xx

Anonymous(less than a year ago)

Oh I came to this school and left when I was in y4. Before she sadly die she thought of us before herself, me and my sisters loved her so,so,so much and could never forget her. I know how hard it is too loose someone but it happens… And when I was in school here (I’m in a different one) she was my favourite teacher. I bet world book day isn’t the same without her. Thanks so much u did so much to help the school!

rose(about a year ago)

thank you for giving me a lovely start into that school and thank u for making me feel welcome when i first started rest in peace

Jamesp(about a year ago)

Julie was amazing

Abigail Sudlow 2016 leaver(a couple of years ago)

Mr Bramhall was an amazing teacher. At the end of the year she made us a picture with words of the things we did in year 6 5 years later I still have it and it is something I will treasure it reminds me of all the fun things we did in year 6 like low bank ground and the end of the year play. Mrs Bramhall made low bank ground the best residential trip. She encouraged everyone to be the best they could be she is missed so much and will never be forgotten.

Peter Freeman(a couple of years ago)

It was such a privilege working with Mrs Bramhall (Julie) in my time at Abram. I first met Julie when I visited the school as a prospective candidate for the role of headteacher. She was in school and as a member of the governing body, showed me around, helping me to come to the decision to apply for the post. A few months later, I can clearly recall Julie asking searching questions of me in the interview process. At the time of my appointment Julie was doing supply work and supporting the year six children as they prepared for SATs, but as the months went by, Julie was so dedicated to the school, that she looked for any opportunity to take a more proactive role in the teaching and learning, eventually being appointed a full-time teacher and then Assistant headteacher. We shared the same philosophy of wanting the best for the children excellence and enjoyment and to this end, together we introduced musical theatre into the curriculum, reintroduced residential experiences and with the parents the year six leavers discos. We had so many laughs taking the children to Low Bank Ground. One year I had a birthday and Julie with the other party leaders got me a pile of presents to help me in my old age. Julie was a fantastic teacher, innovative and always wanted the best experiences for the children in her care. The experiences that the children were given by you will live in their hearts and minds for the rest of their lives and you will be remembered with love and affection.

Anne Egan(a couple of years ago)

It was a pleasure to work with Julie for many years. She was a brilliant, caring, enthusiastic and hard working teacher. Always willing to help in any way. My thoughts and prayers go out to Carl, Kammalah and Tegan. She will be missed. God Bless.

Dominic keegan & Emily keegan(a couple of years ago)

Thank you Mrs Bramhall for all your help and support with me and my family, we are going to miss you loads at our school. Now your with God dancing in your brightly colour clothes.

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