St John's C. of E. Primary School

Simpkin Street, Abram, Wigan, WN2 5QE

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Eco Council

Our Eco Council  is run by Miss Cleveland, but is led by our enthusiastic Eco Warriors!

Meet our elected Eco Warriors 

About Us

In Eco Club, we explore environmental issues and encourage children, and in turn parents and other adults, to be responsible citizens in the use of the world’s resources.

We take a number of different approaches to help children understand some of the issues of sustainable development through the following units:

Litter & rubbish



Healthy living

School grounds



Global perspective


We’re taking part in the Living Streets walk to school challenge! Do your bit to keep our environment clean and healthy by choosing active travel for your journey to and from school. Will you earn a badge this month for taking part? All this hard work will help us towards gaining the Modeshift STARS silver award.

The eco warriors had a fab time recently litter picking with the community Abram litter pickers. We collected at least 5 bags of litter around our local area. 


Eco tip of the week:


Even when electronics and appliances are turned off, they still consume energy if plugged in the electrical outlet. Conserve energy by teaching older children to unplug their game systems, computers, chargers, or audio equipment. Little ones can participate too by becoming the family “plug police” and inform grownups of any unused household equipment that is plugged into an electrical outlet.


The Dr Bike event we held in October was a huge success! More than 50 bikes were brought into school and the bike mechanics worked really hard to thoroughly check each and every one of them to make sure they were up to scratch for Walk to School week.

We’ve achieved our ModeShift Stars Bronze Award! Well done to everyone involved. We're looking forward to working towards the Silver Award.

We encourage sustainable travel to and from school. Take a look at the bus timetables that pass our school .

Take a look at how successful our Walk to School Week was!

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